I became captivated by the discipline of philosophy in my first undergraduate philosophy class at American University in Washington DC, and from that point forward I was hooked. My fascination with the subject has continued and evolved ever since. After leaving a graduate program at Indiana University, I spent five years writing a never published manuscripted entitled, Objective Ethics. My life then gravitated away from disciplined philosophical pursuits and for many years I worked as a computer programmer and, subsequently, owned and operated a small retail business. I always dreamed of returning to writing.

A failed business created an opportunity to find a way back to philosophy in the form of hypnotherapy and its many interconnections between conscious and subconscious belief. In my hypnotherapy practice I combine hypnosis and philosophical counseling. Concurrent with the launch of my new profession, I began the process of six years of research and seven years of writing that was to  result in the book, Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms. The book develops an ethical theory based on a philosophical conception of love that can help escape or bypass the morass of hypnotic-like thinking that resides at the core of ethical controversy, and the formation of dogma and ideology.

I received an undergraduate degree from American University, and have conducted  graduate studies in philosophy at Indiana University, Boston University, and through advanced online study. The latter  included a comprehensive program of self-directed and independent study that culminated in a dissertation, Perspective as Philosophical Method: A Treatise on Pluralism and Perspectivism that, in important respects, created the groundwork for Ethical Empowerment. As a whole, these writings represent a development of my thought over many years concerning the fundamental basis of moral unity within pluralism and the diversity of values.

In addition to my hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice, I have become active in organizing and managing philosophy and hypnosis discussion groups in the Greater Boston Area. Social Philosophizers is a club for those who believe that "intellectual mingling is the best  form of social mingling." I am committed to help bring the philosphical mentality of critical thinking and in-depth ethical reasoning to public venues. These intellectual discussions and cultural events are as entertaining and fun as they are informative and educational. 

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