Book Clubs
I am happy to appear at book club meetings to discuss  my writing and answer questions from the group. I would also welcome the opportunity of having a pre-meeting talk with the organizer(s) to help fashion questions and talking points that may be most suitable for your particular book club.

While trvael restricitons are generally limited to roughly a 50 miles radius around Boston, I may be able to travel further for large meetings. However, distance need not be a factor because I can accommodate both small and large groups via Zoom. Please send an EMAIL.

I am available for interviewes over the internet, television, radio or in print media. Please send an EMAIL.

Book Signings and Miscellaneous Events
Please send an EMAIL.

Group Hypnosis Sessions (at the workplace and other venues)
Group sessions at the workplace, clubs, etc. may involve group hypnosis and/or philosophically oriented discussions that empower both individuals and their organizations. Session topics may concern creativity, smoking cessation, stress management, peak performance, wellness and more.  The events can be organized at your location or off-site. Work done in group sessions can also be combined with private sessions held at my office. Please call me at 617-964-4800 for pricing and other information.

For group sessions and other meetings open to the public, please visit:

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