Exceptionally well written, reasoned, organized and presented.
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review
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New tools to cut through the myopia and confusion that beset
ethical discussion today.

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Philosophical books are one of my hidden loves and this
 one has made my Top Ten.

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This book is a challenge to your mind, and your very Spirit.
Shirley Priscilla Johnson
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Philosophy at its best.
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Ethical Empowerment is an encyclopedic, mind-blowing
compendium of almost every form of philosophical thought

James Morcan, filmmaker and co-author of the The Underground Knowledge Series.

Some of the most intriguing questions and theories since
the dawn of man

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Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms  presents an ethical theory designed to encourage ethical thinking from multiple perspectives that go beyond ideology and dogma. By so doing it develops an understanding of ethics and morality that transcends rigid or inapplicable rules by returning to the principle of universal love. The result is an ethical framework for unconventional ideas and research that challenges traditional beliefs that are vested in ideological, financial and political interests that--through various mechanisms, seek to maintain the status quo.

The philosophical principles developed in this book make it possible to examine difficult moral conundrums and seemingly intractable social, economic and political issues from new perspectives. The limitations of classical ethics have never been more apparent than in today's dysfunctional world. Filled with controversial ideas, this is a book that is designed to engage the reader and spark healthy debate. Among the many issues that are discussed and critiqued--in light of the ethical theory developed, are the current monetary and economic systems, the meaning of social entitlements, the dubious virtue of political parties, and the potential abuse of scientific paradigms. Also discussed are the grounds for belief or disbelief in some conspiracy theories, and claims concerning the suppression of powerful technologies. From the perspective of an ethics that is in harmony with the basic essence of morality, a long-term view of a peaceful and flourishing world is not merely possible but may, with time, become inevitable.

Ethical Empowerment is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook editions. Available on and other online bookstores. Or ask your local bookstore to order it!

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